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GTFO my egl!
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14th-Dec-2014 12:40 am - stop

not your stylist, etc
too lazy to even cap but
16th-Nov-2014 08:44 pm - Edit: Deleted!
Shiro Loli

Maybe it's just me, but I think EGL needs to draw a really thick line in the sand between blog posts that provide relevant information (such as reviews) and shameless self-promtion (such as "look at my tattoo!").

Also isn't this the same chick posted to the most recent BtB post who can't coordinate brand?

Unsure of what to tag this as...

12th-Nov-2014 07:20 pm - Noob giving out bad advice?
I've been seeing a noob(?) run around on random EGL threads and quite frankly, their advice is crap and their comments don't really match the thread topics.
She's probably lulzy at best, but here we go anyways.
Caps under cutCollapse )
23rd-Sep-2014 09:54 pm - Passive-Aggressive Noob
Shiro Loli

The moment I saw this post, I pretty much guessed riarosedoll was trying to paint herself as the victim after she broke a rule.

I was right!

Also , I liked how mau5chan said "I will not be engaging in any further argument with you on this matter"... and then continued the thread.

Damn, I hope I never run into any 'riarosedoll's in the comm I admin...

17th-Sep-2014 06:51 pm - Recent Dear Lenore Drama
So recently a user made a post about Dear Lenore on EGL and the company posted a facebook conversation they had with her regarding her order. Dear Lenore doesn't have a great (read poor) reputation but demanding 2 pairs of shoes and a refund seems wrong. I also feel she responded to me rudely when I pointed out the companies response.

Her egl review:http://egl.livejournal.com/19744886.html

album with screenshots of her responses on facebook: http://imgur.com/a/u1Sp7#0
23rd-Aug-2014 11:02 pm - At it again???
Another edition of "HI I'M NEW are these things good? NOT LIKE IT MATTERS BECAUSE I ALREADY BOUGHT IT ALL LOL"

I love how she "lacks the time to hear" about how she's wasting OUR time, hahaha.

EDIT: SHE'S SCREENING COMMENTS. I left this, for the record:
"What exactly is the purpose of asking the entire community what they think of certain pieces when you
a.) have already stated that you like them
b.) have already purchased them so any reviews would be rendered useless at this point?

You say the "hate" for your posts is wasting your time but truthfully, these types of aimless posts waste the community's time. If you are looking for reviews/opinions, ask before you purchase. This goes for your Amazon wig purchase as well. There's no use in asking the comm's opinion on a purchase after you've already made it. Furthermore, egl is not your personal stylist so if you're looking for opinions on things that you've already bought, talk to your friends who have pre-existing insight on your style, your wardrobe, your lifestyle, etc.

If you're really intent on advice, here's some: don't order lolita pieces from Amazon. Try the comm sales, Lace Market, or Closet Child if you want less expensive pieces and a transaction in English."
Everyone loves Rosarie dramu amirite? Not only is she a theif who has stolen thousands of dollars from lolis according to reports, but she is a homophobic rascist too.

Firstly the post that started it all. Rosarie throwing a fit about the length of Cosmic.


Next she gets called out for being the obese slothly slob she is by a popular and well dressed brololi. She throws another fit ofcourse.


Then the fun begins. She posts a bunch of rascist and homophobic secrets to btb this week and another shit storm insues.

http://behind-the-bows.livejournal.com/70590.html #22-#27.

Lets not forget that recently she tried to smear a popular loli's reputation while holding her shopping service items ransom for 200$. She even sent the costumer a bill thru paypal.


I wish this bitch would hurry up and get deported. Or die.
28th-May-2014 01:15 pm - Mary Sue?
Does anyone remember the LJ communities like marysues and deleterius dedicated to snarking Mary Sues? A recent rule-breaking intro post on egl reads much like one of those Mary Sue descriptions, so we can snark it Mary Sue-style!

Hello, I am new to the community and thought it appropriate to introduce myself.

You thought wrong.

I am sorry but I shant be disclosing my actual name.

If you're going to insist upon using silly outdated words like "shan't," at least go all the way and use the apostrophe.

I am twenty-two years old and recently graduated from university. I first discovered Lolita when I was entering into grade nine but that was only the official beginning. I was dresses often as a doll when I was younger in tea party gowns with matching hats, my great-grandmother gave my sister and I elocution lessons each time we visited and I have always found a simple eloquence in the fashion of my baby dolls.

#i've been into lolita since the ice age
Also, congratulations on your completely normal female childhood.
Protip: elocution will get you nowhere if you don’t speak in turn.

I unfortunately do not own the closet of my dreams yet but have managed to obtain pieces from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, and a few others. I also dable into the more punk Gothic aspect by buying from brands such as Too Fast Brand, Living Dead Souls

gurl no

and others along the same variety. I wish to work in the field of Autism Behavioral Science but unfortunately need to complete my post-graduate before I can become serious about that.

Okay, back up. I used to work with children with autism as part of my degree process and it’s pretty well-established that people with autism thrive in structured environments which are enforced with rules. Online forums and communities operate under similar principles. You would think that someone planning to go into a field that places such an emphasis on structure would attempt to deduce the structures put in place in the comm they just joined before throwing caution to the wind and posting useless things...

I have two Pullip dolls and I suppose I should do a brief about my appearance.

Why? Why do you suppose you should? Why should we, a community of thousands to which you have yet to contribute, care what a random member looks like? This isn’t even me trying to be an asshole right now; I’m genuinely curious.

I am 178cm tall, measurements are 104-71-104, I have curly auburn hair down past my breasts and brown eyes. If you would like to know anything else PM me.

I’d bet money that she expected several PMs.

Update: So instead of just taking down the post...
" Useless Lolita

Hello, I am very sorry for this pose. I do not have any lolitas near me so I figured I might be able to find friends here. I am really sorry for breaking the rules."

Psst...you're still breaking the rules.
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