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Smell that? It's the mouth watering smell of the new year's first, fresh, delicious drama.

Crazy Marie of ODiP came under a lot of fire over these past few months for being a shitty person to do business with. Now things have taken a turn for the worse. Without warning, Marie decides to close up shop and skedaddle, leaving paying customers wondering what's going on. She wasn't even the one to post the notice of the shop's closure.

According to anons on /cgl/, she has also returned all secondhand consignment goods to customers.

Is this enough to clock her in the head with the ban hammer, egl mods?
14th-Jun-2013 08:48 am - Oh no, we've been found out.
kikikikida (you know, the same one who compared religious oppression,murder, and rape to being told you're violating the dress code) was bumbling round the internet one day and stumbled across getoffegl.

Now I think she thinks she's made a monumental discovery and she'll lead a revolution to save all the stupid noobs from the big bad mean elitists.

Too bad nobody in the comments agrees.
Caps of original post, other people can cap the comments if they wantCollapse )
The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

you waited for it...Collapse )

annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
18th-Oct-2012 09:35 pm - GIRL YOU BEST BE TROLLAN
So once upon a time a budget loli decides to spring for a plain, though very pretty JSK, and to her shock and horror it arrives looking... exactly like the stock photo.

vackert_vitt bought this dress from Angelic Pretty, in brown x ivory. This is her negative review of the dress. Her complaints, to wit:
  • The straps (not advertised as adjustable) only have one button.
  • There are only three buttons on the yoke (just like in the stock photo)
  • There is only one row of lace on the straps (just like in the stock photo)
  • One end of one ribbon isn't seared
  • She doesn't like how AP tries decorative bows (even though she can see them in the stock photo)
  • There is no built in petticoat (it wasn't advertised as having one)
  • She was expecting the yoke and lace to be white (even though the dress is listed as brown x ivory)

lol am I missing something? What is this horrid world where you order a dress and get exactly what you ordered?


EDIT 2: From baxaronn:

"Someone in the comments pointed out that the same person gave a glowing review of a shitty eBay dress:

The pictures seem to be gone, though. :("
16th-Jan-2011 06:17 pm - zomg, we're whores, you guys.
A freezepage of one of the 4 posts made on EGL by this special bitter person, candykwake
Basically, we're ageplaying skanks out to attract old Japanese men. I guess.
Lovely, no?
Subject lines were:
a note to all you lolita's

In addition, the "note" was posted on her school uniform question post, and on her journal.

This is the same girl who posted asking about buying school uniforms at iffy sites (including a Milanoo plant), and was told off for deleting comments.

More caps of her posts:

Caps of her cosplay questions and resulting comments before deletion:

It's baleeted now, but caps for all!
Saw this on EGL and /cgl/ and posting for posterity.

Indie brand designer sarahmelyne of loli_secret fame posts to EGL requesting large, flat, closeup brand prints. (Usually people ask for detailed pictures of garments to make a buying decision and the wording of this request was off, and I said as much in the post.) Apparently she has already reproduced Metamorphose's Twinkle Journey (going so far as to replace the Meta logo with her own label, Menthe Chocolat) on sew_loli and has offered to privately produce replicas upon request. Vigilant Anon collated evidence that would lead one to an unflattering conclusion of sarahmelyne's business practices.

tl;dr girl copies Twinkle Journey, offers to make copies, asks for more brand prints

Thanks for the caps, Anon.

For being plastered with unicorns, that is one sad looking skirt. Damn.

Aaaaand we have a confirmed flounce courtesy of sepia_iris
N00b posts screenshot of a lolita from a TV episode, a few other n00bs squee about how cute it is despite the fact that it fell out of the ita tree & not only hit every branch on the way down, but fell off a cliff under the tree & hit a large number of rocks too. One person jokingly counts off the ita elements & a few people chime in with agreement. OP is "surprised the level of negative reaction". Bonus lulz with pet_chan taking whiteknighting to a new level of delusion with "I don't know anything about this girl, I just saw this photo - and I love her style! She is really original and creative, her makeup is very unusal but I love it." She's a TV character, dearie. I'm pretty sure that's not 'her' style. Her incredibly original & creative style which has never been done ever.

Ah, the learning curve of the snowflake!

Small, but people may have missed it seeing as the post is a pretty 'meh' one, & there's the delicious prospect of flounce.

EDIT: Aaaand, bahleetion! Caps here. They were taken a few minutes before deletion though, so lemme know if you have more up-to-date ones.

EDIT 2: nekusagi has fresher caps. I'll leave mine up though because there are a few unexpanded threads down the bottom in hers that I had open in mine. Between us I think we have all of it...

EDIT 3: For those who asked about a badge, a friend of mine made me a sticker, & I scanned it in:

Also we have some summer-themed macros in the thread.
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