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Looks like Mr. Yan found himself a new dolly to play with. This time, her name is Amanda and she's from the US. You'd think after all the shit with BL, she'd be smart enough to not enter... She even mentions on her intro on the BL site that she saw Venus' creepy video, but decided to enter anyways. It also makes her sound like a huge fucking weeaboo.

Are you guys ready for this new model?

Also lol at Mr. Yan saying that all Americans are rude assholes.
Yeah some people still live in that kind of denial.

I'm honestly a bit tired of people who constantly put Japanese brands and Japanese people and Japanese society and Japanese culture on a pedestal. I mean, I like Japanese culture too. I'm not saying we should all go "OMG JAPANESE RACIST FUCKS!!!!!!" (Not that this could even happen.) But Angelic Pretty is a professional company ran by professional managers who put thought into the way they present themselves. I don't think they wrote "foreigners" just because. They wrote foreigners because that's what they meant to write. At least nobody specifically went and said "but is not racist is japanese culture" yet.
One of the girls from the Boston Comm. has been scamming girls on FB sales groups.


I honestly don't understand how somebody thinks it's okay and a good idea to scam people. This girl from the Boston community has been scamming people in the facebook sales groups by buying something, waiting until it arrives and then claiming the "transaction was unauthorized" to paypal so that they would refund her money yet still keep the items.

This is a screenshot of a post a girl who was scammed by Kai had made on one of the lolita sales pages.

There's also the fact that Kai is also a giant weaboo ita with a very bad attitude and (along with her friends) is very, very obnoxious. She constantly talks about starting a maid cafe (she wears "maid lolita") and recruits people into her and her friend's Lolita Army.

Currently, Kai Narita is banned from a few sales groups on FB. She also goes by phylicia joachim. Avoid the hell out of her, not only because she's obnoxious and rude as hell, but she's also shady and a scammer. She had wanted to to do a "swap meet" a while back and I'm pretty sure she tried to sell off one of the items she basically stole from one of the girls. Tsk tsk.

EDIT: Her Facebook ID is https://www.facebook.com/youngladykai, feel free to block her and warn others. Thanks Grapevinfire!

An example of one of her ita coords and another. Also this, maid outfit and neko ears and all.
31st-Mar-2013 10:06 pm - Just a humdrum annoying post.
Why Do People Type Like This Anyway?

Also pointless post in general. "I want to have a meetup! But I don't know what I'll have. [stupid emoticon] Or what I will do. In fact I don't know anything at all. [stupid emoticon] But I will have a meetup! In Cleveland! For anyone willing to come to Cleveland! By the way, it's not really a lolita meetup because you can wear what you want!"

Why is it that the people posting from Facebook are always the worst? Especially those with a shitty Japanese "nickname"? She lists herself as having studied at "The Hentai School." Stay classy.

medieval, me

*sigh* We managed just under 3 days of 2013 before the first major noob post

This whole post just physically hurts, especially the excessive use of Japanese word (I don't think I've ever seen it used this much!), and the slight hint of special snowflake syndrome

"Konnichiwa kawaii loli chans~

Watashi wa Ano chan, desu!
I am a lolita chan but I want to be a kawaii ouji sama too! Where can I buy the clothes to become a prince that is royalty? I know not to buy from the evil baka milanoo but I don't want to buy from kawaii brand because its not original desu! TT__TT Please helpu me!!

What would a princess lolita chan want in a prince ouji sama! Just to be friends and be the prettiest at a meetup? I want to go to a meetup with a kawaii hime lolita chan and show them we are royalty. ):"

Oh and it gets better as no noob question is complete without asking about cat ears right?
PS. What do you think about ears in lolita!

I want to wear all kinds of ears with my loli chan and ouji sama but many girls may yell at me! D: I see many pretty girls on the internet who wear usagi, neko, and deer ears and many people fall in ai with it. I am confused. I saw pretty Misako sama wearing neko ears and my favorite brand Angelicu Prretty~ made usagi ears for a new dress and they have the kawaii Milky Chan deer ears! Helpu

PSS I used to have another older account from livejournal but I forgot the password and the name was baka too!(Gomen nasai~~!!! ,I can be a baka too!~)
Aishiteru and daisuki!! ^/////^"

*facepalm* *headesk* .etc
And the New Year posts on egl were looking so promising, if only because they were mostly lucky pack and wardrobe posts

OP is in the house. And this really exploded after I went to bed, she has edited her post which has now been deleted. But all is not lost for fuyumi_aya got some caps


The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

you waited for it...Collapse )

annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
21st-Jan-2011 09:52 pm - Birthing Barbies?
Not wanting to come of as a vendetta-chan or anything, but after getting pissed to the point that I about had fire shooting out my ears at a certain users grammar.. I decided to google the user name. What I found was well... interesting.

There hasn't been dramu in a while, so I figured I would share with you all.

Shiro Lolita Barbie Birthing, I WAS RAISED WITH JAPAN, priase mana, etc ahead...Collapse )
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