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One of the girls from the Boston Comm. has been scamming girls on FB sales groups.


I honestly don't understand how somebody thinks it's okay and a good idea to scam people. This girl from the Boston community has been scamming people in the facebook sales groups by buying something, waiting until it arrives and then claiming the "transaction was unauthorized" to paypal so that they would refund her money yet still keep the items.

This is a screenshot of a post a girl who was scammed by Kai had made on one of the lolita sales pages.

There's also the fact that Kai is also a giant weaboo ita with a very bad attitude and (along with her friends) is very, very obnoxious. She constantly talks about starting a maid cafe (she wears "maid lolita") and recruits people into her and her friend's Lolita Army.

Currently, Kai Narita is banned from a few sales groups on FB. She also goes by phylicia joachim. Avoid the hell out of her, not only because she's obnoxious and rude as hell, but she's also shady and a scammer. She had wanted to to do a "swap meet" a while back and I'm pretty sure she tried to sell off one of the items she basically stole from one of the girls. Tsk tsk.

EDIT: Her Facebook ID is https://www.facebook.com/youngladykai, feel free to block her and warn others. Thanks Grapevinfire!

An example of one of her ita coords and another. Also this, maid outfit and neko ears and all.
26th-Jun-2013 09:03 am - Hello summer.

So once again we have a one day old journal with no posts, no other comms, nothing, posting to EGL asking if M*noo is safe to buy from.


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19th-Jun-2013 08:16 pm - HEHEHE SOOOO FUNNY DESU!

Yeah, this post doesn't belong on egl.
Your private/personal journal or Facebook maybe, but not egl.

Update: Also, akikohamasaki's comment "I did something similar to Alex Gaskarth from my favorite band, All Time Low. I emailed it to him and I haven't gotten a response yet :/"
Well, what the flying fuck did you expect? For him to be like "OMG I SHOULD TOTALLY JOIN LOLITA!!"?

Update 2: toolis apparently did get their permission: "I did, and they do know. And they're nice easy going people, not prudish assholes who found it funny to post here."
Um... prudish assholes...? What a way to describe people who don't allow you to photoshop them into a picture of something they hate.
10th-Jun-2013 01:08 pm - You again??

Reminder that Hot Topic is not lolita.
Also, when will OP realize that she should post coords/ask for coord advice on daily_lolita instead of egl?
The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

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annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
1st-Nov-2012 09:53 am - rubicons_closet...AGAIN.
A few days ago I posted about rubicons_closet and her pushy harassment of a potential buyer
Now she's back with an actual sales post. The stuff is way overpriced, and there are a couple indie pieces that are questionable, but overall it's inoffensive. 

Until you get to the bottom. 
At which point she tries to sell these shoes. For $50. I'll let her description of them speak for itself: 

"Gently worn only a few times. The sole came off the first time and has been reglued.
It was originally black but the pleather flaked so it's now light gray.
Wear ONLY with black or dark gray socks.
The pleather is flaking inside so it will stain otherwise."

So, basically they're ragged and torn up to high heaven, the whole fucking sole came off but was glued back on so it couldn't possibly happen again to the other one or anything, and the pleather is flaking so much it would stain your socks. So either she lied and they're not "gently worn," or they really are gently worn but the quality is so terrible that they deteriorated that much only after a few wears. Technically they're not even lolita. I would think that even under the 75/25 rule, if the items that qualify as "25" are damaged to the point that they are unwearable, they wouldn't be allowed, right? 

Nope, they're under mod vote

Also, the other items she claims to be "brand-new" all have pervasive flaws.
"Brand new from a long discontinued indie brand
There are 2 small tears which can be easily fixed with tape or sealant
There is a small discoloration on one of the crosses"

Final note, she claims to be in Hawaii AND Japan. Huh??? (Edit: "Shipping from Japan." My mistake.) ((Edit again: But she talks about "US domestic shipping." Where the fuck is she???)
Still no caps because no personal computer. If someone could get caps I'll include them here!

mimitchi101 posts a photo shoot on EGL. Being the love fest that EGL usually is, it's well received.

That is... Until...

Our beloved rocketlaunching decides to throw her opinion into it and piss in this chicks cornflakes. She brings out the rulebook and says that since her outfit doesn't follow the most important of the guidelines (shape of skirt, something on the head) then it isn't lolita. I'm inclined to agree with her, it's a mori costume. mimitchi101 even says it's a cosplay. There's even a comment that acknowledges that it's not lolita.

Then comes sodaily to lay the smackdown on rocketlaunching for being a bitch to this girl. There's a whole lot of "oh but she's wearing lolita brand!!" Sorry lady, the whitelist doesn't apply here. And a whole lot of "the mods didn't do anything so it's okay!!" but considering everything the mods have no problem with and don't do anything about until it's posted here, I wouldn't rely on them. I also think something got lost in translation, just going by their typing style.

wonderfinch then comes in 10 hours too late with the whole spiel of NO BACKSEAT MODDING USE THE ARC THIS IS TOTALLY FINE WE LIKE WHEN PEOPLE GET CREATIVE OR ELSE WE'LL BE STUCK WITH MAXIPAD HEADDRESSES TEEHEEHEHEEE~~** Gurl, come on. I like you. But I think you are dead ass wrong here. rocketlaunching replies in kind, pretty much shitting on everything that wonderfinch just said.


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It's a lovely photoshoot, nobody ever denied that. It's just really, really not lolita.

An aside, I really, really think it's bullshit that the mods want us to do their job for them by reporting shit to the ARC. Finchy, girl I know you browse this shit everyday, don't act oblivious like you have no idea what's going on in the community. I actually agree with rocketlaunching that it's not really anonymous if you need and LJ for it. Going by wonderfinch's approval, I guess you can post damn near anything on egl now and it's totally fine.

Edit: Okay I was wrong about not having a completely anonymous one. But everything else still applies.

Edit #2: Thanks to a wonderful anon, this came to my attention from this post earlier yesterday (italic for quote, emphasis mine):

I think a lot of this has been covered already, but I just wanted to add: While I'm very much for experimentation in lolita, I think it would be absurd to have a rule allowing any item that could successfully be worn with lolita allowed on the sales community. I have worn a ton of random crap with lolita, including but not limited to glitter-encrusted platforms with a 6" heel, generic Urban Outfitters sundresses, vintage bed jackets, quilted vests, plain button-up tops... in short, if it's meant to be worn as a non-undergarment I've probably tried to cram it into some kind of lolita outfit at some point in the past. I would never, ever make the argument that something being wearable with lolita makes it lolita and I think most people wouldn't, either! That's why there's a limit in the form of a 75/25 rule: it recognizes that not all of us see lolita in exactly the same way and allows some items that might take a little creativity to work into a coordinate, but at the same time puts a limit on those items so the sales community is a place where people can turn and can generally find lolita-appropriate items. That is, frankly, why the sales community has stuck around so long- it's on a horrible platform (seriously LJ is butts), but it's one of the few places online where you can pretty much have a guarantee of shopping and finding only lolita, rather than browsing on eBay and finding 1-2 genuine lolita items in between finding ageplay fetish gear.

Also, here's rocketlaunching saying "I don't believe this belongs on EGL.." about that extremely creepy post, also from yesterday. Where's wonderfinch or other mods, then, to call her a "backseat mod"? milkteamilk was definitely in there, at one point.

Edit #3: wonderfinch is in the building!
petite_rosalie: Baaaaaw! Why can't I buy & sell my non-lolita tat in the sales comm?

Also posting in pale pink in a comm where the background colour is white doesn't make you look cute - it makes your post bloody hard to read. The weird way of writing doesn't help. Not sure if English is her second language or she's trying to do the flowery writing thing because she thinks lolitas are supposed to talk like they swallowed a book of poetry.
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