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19th-Jun-2013 08:16 pm - HEHEHE SOOOO FUNNY DESU!

Yeah, this post doesn't belong on egl.
Your private/personal journal or Facebook maybe, but not egl.

Update: Also, akikohamasaki's comment "I did something similar to Alex Gaskarth from my favorite band, All Time Low. I emailed it to him and I haven't gotten a response yet :/"
Well, what the flying fuck did you expect? For him to be like "OMG I SHOULD TOTALLY JOIN LOLITA!!"?

Update 2: toolis apparently did get their permission: "I did, and they do know. And they're nice easy going people, not prudish assholes who found it funny to post here."
Um... prudish assholes...? What a way to describe people who don't allow you to photoshop them into a picture of something they hate.
The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

you waited for it...Collapse )

annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
So, NYCC/AF was more or less lovely and eventful, including a group of girls wearing... I don't know what, but they were passing out promotional post cards to pretty much anyone in anything frilly. On Saturday, I was walking with some friends when they gave me a lolipop and a post card for LOLI-CON NYC! I took it, laughed a little, notice the image on the card was kinda familiar, but didn't think much on it because they didn't list any solid information on the card: no prospective dates, no location, no website, and not even a facebook or Twitter. I didn't think that it would really go much of anywhere to really say much of anything, even after I realized where that image originally came from (more on that later).

Sunday comes about, and after finally escaping the main dealer's room, I get my ass settled in the "Making Lolita Work For You" panel, as hosted by a friend. I see three girls, again in questionable clothes, suddenly spin around, spot me and wave yet another one of these postcards at me. While the panel was already going. This was not exactly cool with me, but I politely shook my head and decline trying to stretch over rows to take it. They turned around and... spun back to flail a sticker at me instead. This time I blatantly made a less pleased face and declined again. After the panel, we all talked about it, all went "so does anyone know who exactly those girls are?" (no one amongst our group did, and we know most of the NYC lolitas) and agreed that using a bad trace of art from Cute-Plush creator Claire Belton was probably not the best way to try to promote a lolita convention.

Again, though, I don't think too much on it. Until I get an invite on facebook.

A timeline of more drama and lulzCollapse )

Also, this is my first post here. If I tagged anything incorrectly, just let me know.

Edit: screen caps for whoever has issues with the freeze pages.Collapse )

UPDATE: Facebook page is down. I'm curious if the organizer took it down or if they had it removed by facebook because of people reporting images of themselves they did not want on the page and the stolen artwork.
24th-Mar-2010 07:52 am - Suit yourself, Dixromance...

So, I am not saying Dixromance is necessarily a scammer.... BUT WTF.....Collapse )
25th-Jan-2010 03:27 pm - facepalm.
I don't mean to rub salt in the wound, but really? Using pictures from google with her username printed on in msPaint someone managed to make like 7 sales of rare prints without any feedback?

I'm so disappointed in you EGL. ಠ_ಠ

and the photoshopping out of facial features is very, very disturbing. Do these girls think noses are not an essential part of your face?

also, that steam train was made in 1916, not 1800.

EDIT ^ lamest trolling attempt ever! OMG everyone who ever posted here ever before, newsflash, we are all just jealous. Damn, how didnt we work that out ourselves?
13th-Feb-2008 10:57 pm - whut?

Why are the comments on egl so bland? Everyone seems to have given up on con crit...I don't mean that people should be ripping each other to shreds but....some advice for these people would be nice

but at the same time i can't be botherd to give con crit lol

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