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One of the girls from the Boston Comm. has been scamming girls on FB sales groups.


I honestly don't understand how somebody thinks it's okay and a good idea to scam people. This girl from the Boston community has been scamming people in the facebook sales groups by buying something, waiting until it arrives and then claiming the "transaction was unauthorized" to paypal so that they would refund her money yet still keep the items.

This is a screenshot of a post a girl who was scammed by Kai had made on one of the lolita sales pages.

There's also the fact that Kai is also a giant weaboo ita with a very bad attitude and (along with her friends) is very, very obnoxious. She constantly talks about starting a maid cafe (she wears "maid lolita") and recruits people into her and her friend's Lolita Army.

Currently, Kai Narita is banned from a few sales groups on FB. She also goes by phylicia joachim. Avoid the hell out of her, not only because she's obnoxious and rude as hell, but she's also shady and a scammer. She had wanted to to do a "swap meet" a while back and I'm pretty sure she tried to sell off one of the items she basically stole from one of the girls. Tsk tsk.

EDIT: Her Facebook ID is, feel free to block her and warn others. Thanks Grapevinfire!

An example of one of her ita coords and another. Also this, maid outfit and neko ears and all.

Is it just me or is this review from nyami_rose1 totally dickish? I'm kind of assuming it's not just me because the comments aren't exactly rainbows and kittens.
BALETED. Cap (Does anybody have anything more recent with more comments?).

Edit: If you would like to avoid selling to this person she has a facebook as well that she links to from her LJ:

Edit: princessidril Points out that the site does ask for more than 2 measurements if you use the corrent form:

Edit: nyami_rose1 tries to defend herself and I'm less nice than I should have been. Caps in case she deletes her comments:

My comment reply to her post under the cut:

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4th-Feb-2013 03:14 am - Barbie mad, Barbie smash
hugh, ew, laurie, House MD
So I don't know if anyone else is lurking on LSE tonight instead of watching the Superbowl and has spotted this little shitstorm that's been a-brewin'.

Caps hereCollapse )

As far as I can tell, Ms Barbie Johnson up there proceeded to poop her bloomers when she couldn't get the socks she wanted for a low enough price. Instead of just leaving this sale and buying from elsewhere like a normal person (she even claims to have found a "better" seller), Barbie spews her butthurt all over the post and tries to imply that this seller is scalping. Other confused shoppers weigh in on Barbie Johnson's batshittery, including some who claim to have dealt with her special brand of cray cray earlier in the week. While I can't find the other posts in question, she seems to operate by showing interest in an item then having a very public temper tantrum when she can't get it cheap.

What she is trying to accomplish by bawwwwww-ing all over the place like this, I do not know. Even an official mod warning does nothing but elicit cries of "racists!!1!one!".
The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

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annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
27th-Nov-2012 06:21 pm - maikodolly
Since the wonderful mods of /cgl/ refuse to let anyone talk about the gigantic clusterfuck surrounding impulsive buyer and taker-backer maikodolly, I'm making a post here so people can share information concerning the situation and the multiple stories/explanations she is giving the community.

If anyone has caps or a concise timeline I will edit this post with the information. Any comments containing contact information she has not made public herself will be screened.
Hey guys!
Do you remember a post I made a little while back about PuffiChan Hannu?
A.k.a, the girl who was begging for brand?

Now you remember!

This is my old post here for those wanting to re-cap/learn about this little gem of ours.

So, she randomely talks to me to Facebook tonight... Collapse )
7th-Oct-2011 01:45 pm - Don't know where else to put this...
As the mods are not in charge of Angelic Poodle I'm not sure if I can contact them about this so I'm posting this here.
The user, momo_kimon is also known as lolitanekochan (journal now deleted). She has strung myself and at least 4 others on for payment plans on items she never purchased (due to "parental issues") and then asked for refunds. Proof here
She is now posting a !wtb in Angelic Poodle here.
I am beyond flabbergasted. This is insult to injury to me as I had to recently refund her a deposit she made to me.
So, as a warning, DO NOT sell to this user-unless you want to be strung along for awhile, that is.
Sorry if this doesn't belong here, btw-I don't know where else to put it.

Edit: According to the mods, she has been banned on the EGL sales comms, rejoice! However, she's still apparently posting !Wtbs in the side comms (like the btssb one) so be weary! I hope I was able to help someone by posting this!
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