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4th-Jul-2010 11:27 pm - We're going for a repeat?
Its been pointed out in a few places, but talia_speaks has undeleted her journal (but not the bella_volpe ). EGL, we're not going to let her come back, right? We gotta make sure the scamming, the BS, the flippancy has ended. One bitten, twice scorn and all.

*EDIT* Oh noes, either Cryssy or one of her moles has found us out =( While we all can't stop reading, jebus woman, learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them. Has this mess not taught you anything?!
I'm trying to put together the timeline of events in the absence of a mod post that's been too long in coming. These are most of the easy to find entries on the issue but I don't have dates for everything and I am very likely missing details. Please help me fill in any holes or gaps you see.

My aim is to construct a narrative based on facts to counter all the misdirection surrounding this issue.

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22nd-Apr-2010 10:54 pm - Guess who actually GTFO EGL
Talia speaks account has been deleted, she actually did GTFO EGL. But I wonder if there is a point of contact for those who are still waiting on commissions?

Also, that's a really pussy attitude to take, at least face what you did >_<
30th-Mar-2010 10:57 am - Holy Epic Bahleetion Batman!!
White Rabbit
So, I try to go to the loligothdbs to leave a buyer feedback this morning and what do I find?


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15th-Mar-2010 01:34 am - Wank's getting juicy over at egl
Angelic Pretty
Generous neutral review of talia_speaks by catehime is posted to egl here.
Next, kai_nimura posts a review of a year old commission with some great caps of fuming text messages. Gotta love it.

Kai post caps

Text Message One Two
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