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GTFO my egl!
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16th-Mar-2008 09:29 am - lawl
Wonder Woman - chibi
I love waking up to this crap.

*edit* Bahleeted. Caps here and here.
14th-Feb-2008 11:45 am - CHIKARI'S NEW COMMUNITY
Chikari's new community at </a></font></b></a>nicelolitachans

Apparently she already has a list made up of people who aren't allowed in and the members of that community are people who are not-well liked around here. 
25th-Jan-2008 03:36 pm(no subject)

Please GTFO Chikari.

Example of stupidity;

and ugh, she keeps adding people from egl to her flist. D :

This girl HAS to be a troll, noone is that ridiculous.

24th-Jan-2008 11:23 pm - *sigh* not a big thing, but
Jewellery Jelly

...there are things called LJseek and memories...

And I hope

chikari is not going to be an active member of egl, because this is her first post in her journal:

"So today I went to school. ^_^ I had french today. I don't think that my teacher likes me because I said to her that I am in my past life a french aristocrat princess with lots more money than she earns. Shes so not kawaii. I think that is why I like egl so much. Its just like a princess. Tee hee!!!!"



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