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23rd-Sep-2014 09:54 pm - Passive-Aggressive Noob
Shiro Loli

The moment I saw this post, I pretty much guessed riarosedoll was trying to paint herself as the victim after she broke a rule.

I was right!

Also , I liked how mau5chan said "I will not be engaging in any further argument with you on this matter"... and then continued the thread.

Damn, I hope I never run into any 'riarosedoll's in the comm I admin...

Only like the second biggest Lolita stereotype since "pedobait". How can you not notice the neonsign in every single beginners post ever that says "Not All Lolitas Are Puppies, Kittens and Rainbows"??

Not sure if this person is really young and has been lucky enough to keep the rose tinted worldview, or troll.. If it's the first one, (s)he might be in for a rude awakening.

Guess who opened a shopping service.

That is, if she doesn't get kicked out of the stores for making racist and unnecessarily hostile remarks towards shop staff under the premise of "honesty" and "not sugarcoating." Y'know, because you can't be "fake nice" all the time.

There was some speculation over whether or not she actually lived in Japan like she mentions at every opportunity, but I guess this proves that she does actually live there, unless this is some weird elaborate scam.
14th-Jun-2013 08:48 am - Oh no, we've been found out.
kikikikida (you know, the same one who compared religious oppression,murder, and rape to being told you're violating the dress code) was bumbling round the internet one day and stumbled across getoffegl.

Now I think she thinks she's made a monumental discovery and she'll lead a revolution to save all the stupid noobs from the big bad mean elitists.

Too bad nobody in the comments agrees.
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2nd-Apr-2013 06:19 pm - I'm kind of fed up already...
I really didn't want to bring attention anymore to this, but we HAVE to do something about this. I even showed it to a friend and he said it was a disturbing message, and he's not very easily disturbed.

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24th-Nov-2012 11:01 pm - There's no way this is real.
No caps because no personal computer with photo editing program right now. Someone please get caps!
EDIT: Cap of journal entry
Cap of internet idiocy

Saw this. Breaks several rules and has a typing style that's annoying as fuck to boot.


"any good online lolita store sales

if anybody knows of any clearance or sales on lolita clothing either for black friday or holidays please let me know im buying my first jsk custom made to 128 bust and 122 waist if anybody wants to sell me anything i currently have no lolita clothes :( " 

Click through to her personal and see sales posts yelling at me and then this gem that makes me think this just has to be a troll or SOMETHING: 
"Are sweet and excepting and I'm glad I find somewhere where I fit in and they are accepting and very helpful even if I don't fit into brand I feel very loved in the Lolita community and glad I chose the Lolita lifestyle before finding lolita I didn't fit in anywhere i liked pink cute things anime always liked sweet and baby things dressed up alot and my friends didn't understand my style I wanted to paint my room pastel and my parents said no! That would look like a baby nursery lol so I guess I was into the vintage look since I was 12 dressed in the rockabilly fashion and music but I was always ment to be a Lolita :3 I love sweet Lolita hugs to you all on egl and egl plus"

I really just...I don't even know where to start with this one. It just checks every box. 

UPDATE: someone on her /cgl/ thread did a quick google search and found her screaming about how atheists are horrible people and continuing to mangle punctuation on her cartoon doll profile
JESUS! I LOVE JESUS! KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS! EVERLASTING, OMNIPRESENT,OMNIPOTE NT,SAVIOR JESUS IS MY EVERYTHING jesus,lace,sushi,kis ses, cuddling,my husband,big hair , makeup,vintage classic glamour,prayer.cde,f reebies,SINGING!,mus ic, spice girls,ANBERLIN!!my fave band ska! rockabilly vintage style my crew HORRORBILLYZ!""

oh god guys she's married. 

5th-Jun-2012 01:19 pm(no subject)
ladyacedia comments on my previous post with the following:
"Okay, so she offered a cherry printed dress although there was clearly stated that she didn't want cherries on her rori..

The Buyer politely said no and that's it.
Did you really have to make such drama about it?
wasn't it something between buyer and seller?

Noo~ of course not. Everyone of you had to butt in and even humiliate the seller of the meta dress by calling her stupid
and even tagging it with "reading comprehension isn't rori" and "reaally dumb shit".

Do you really think calling someone "shit" will make it better?

Now that Loli-Secrets got deleted some people need to find another place to bitch and be mean to others.
Life must be so boring without drama, ne?

Have fun flaming."

Troll? Or did this person really join getoffegl to bitch about getoffegl? My vote is for dumb noob, since she seems to think that getoffegl was created to serve as a space for bitching after loli_secrets was deleted. Also nice weeaboo Japanese there, ne.
1st-Oct-2011 07:12 pm - Troll or just trying to be cute?
Hello! This is my first post so sorry if it is bad!
I saw this post today and found it rather off, I suppose.
Now while reading it, I thought it was some troll, the writing was fairly weird and this I believe was a topic discussed before, the manners I mean, not the slapping. I also found the idea of someone slapping another over something so minor pretty dumb. Sure someone scoffing at you but slapping over calling gothic, kuro by mistake? That just sounds over the top. Deciding to be a little snoop I checked out her profile and saw it was created today. Now who creates a profile the same day as posting that piece? It reeks of troll! She claims she isn't, but if she isn't then she is just another girl trying to be cute. 
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