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28th-May-2014 01:15 pm - Mary Sue?
Does anyone remember the LJ communities like marysues and deleterius dedicated to snarking Mary Sues? A recent rule-breaking intro post on egl reads much like one of those Mary Sue descriptions, so we can snark it Mary Sue-style!

Hello, I am new to the community and thought it appropriate to introduce myself.

You thought wrong.

I am sorry but I shant be disclosing my actual name.

If you're going to insist upon using silly outdated words like "shan't," at least go all the way and use the apostrophe.

I am twenty-two years old and recently graduated from university. I first discovered Lolita when I was entering into grade nine but that was only the official beginning. I was dresses often as a doll when I was younger in tea party gowns with matching hats, my great-grandmother gave my sister and I elocution lessons each time we visited and I have always found a simple eloquence in the fashion of my baby dolls.

#i've been into lolita since the ice age
Also, congratulations on your completely normal female childhood.
Protip: elocution will get you nowhere if you don’t speak in turn.

I unfortunately do not own the closet of my dreams yet but have managed to obtain pieces from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, and a few others. I also dable into the more punk Gothic aspect by buying from brands such as Too Fast Brand, Living Dead Souls

gurl no

and others along the same variety. I wish to work in the field of Autism Behavioral Science but unfortunately need to complete my post-graduate before I can become serious about that.

Okay, back up. I used to work with children with autism as part of my degree process and it’s pretty well-established that people with autism thrive in structured environments which are enforced with rules. Online forums and communities operate under similar principles. You would think that someone planning to go into a field that places such an emphasis on structure would attempt to deduce the structures put in place in the comm they just joined before throwing caution to the wind and posting useless things...

I have two Pullip dolls and I suppose I should do a brief about my appearance.

Why? Why do you suppose you should? Why should we, a community of thousands to which you have yet to contribute, care what a random member looks like? This isn’t even me trying to be an asshole right now; I’m genuinely curious.

I am 178cm tall, measurements are 104-71-104, I have curly auburn hair down past my breasts and brown eyes. If you would like to know anything else PM me.

I’d bet money that she expected several PMs.

Update: So instead of just taking down the post...
" Useless Lolita

Hello, I am very sorry for this pose. I do not have any lolitas near me so I figured I might be able to find friends here. I am really sorry for breaking the rules."'re still breaking the rules.
12th-Jan-2013 09:44 pm -
  I had a big long post written about why this post makes me uncomfortable but my cat closed out of the window and I can't get the body back so just have at it. The lifestyle thing, the little typos everywhere, the awkward generalizations, the fact that the whole post is written like bad melodramatic movie dialogue, the mention of the "lolita lifestyle," the noobishly overplayed underlying message that no brand > brand despite her (his?) statement to the contrary...everything just rubs me totally the wrong way. 

Also the use of the word "caress" is just horrible, and the defense of its use is just as bad. 

EDIT: Also, they're pro-ana. And if they have 30-some kg to go and 0 have been lost so far, according to the MyFitnessPal chart listed on their profile, chances are they're looking to eating disorders as a weight loss tool and not actually an illness. 
24th-Nov-2012 11:01 pm - There's no way this is real.
No caps because no personal computer with photo editing program right now. Someone please get caps!
EDIT: Cap of journal entry
Cap of internet idiocy

Saw this. Breaks several rules and has a typing style that's annoying as fuck to boot.


"any good online lolita store sales

if anybody knows of any clearance or sales on lolita clothing either for black friday or holidays please let me know im buying my first jsk custom made to 128 bust and 122 waist if anybody wants to sell me anything i currently have no lolita clothes :( " 

Click through to her personal and see sales posts yelling at me and then this gem that makes me think this just has to be a troll or SOMETHING: 
"Are sweet and excepting and I'm glad I find somewhere where I fit in and they are accepting and very helpful even if I don't fit into brand I feel very loved in the Lolita community and glad I chose the Lolita lifestyle before finding lolita I didn't fit in anywhere i liked pink cute things anime always liked sweet and baby things dressed up alot and my friends didn't understand my style I wanted to paint my room pastel and my parents said no! That would look like a baby nursery lol so I guess I was into the vintage look since I was 12 dressed in the rockabilly fashion and music but I was always ment to be a Lolita :3 I love sweet Lolita hugs to you all on egl and egl plus"

I really just...I don't even know where to start with this one. It just checks every box. 

UPDATE: someone on her /cgl/ thread did a quick google search and found her screaming about how atheists are horrible people and continuing to mangle punctuation on her cartoon doll profile
JESUS! I LOVE JESUS! KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS! EVERLASTING, OMNIPRESENT,OMNIPOTE NT,SAVIOR JESUS IS MY EVERYTHING jesus,lace,sushi,kis ses, cuddling,my husband,big hair , makeup,vintage classic glamour,prayer.cde,f reebies,SINGING!,mus ic, spice girls,ANBERLIN!!my fave band ska! rockabilly vintage style my crew HORRORBILLYZ!""

oh god guys she's married. 

God I Love Waffles
Because I'm an idiot and forgot to link to the original post that is still up:

 So falling_empress decided to do a little review on the Milky Berry and Milky Planet replicas that Oojia (you can go here for the drama related to her made.

Just one problem, she ranted and raved about how great of quality they were, but didn't post photos, though she did state that she would post them later when she was home.

A few users pointed this out saying that the review is basically an advertisement without proof photos.

Well falling_empress decided to get ridiculously butthurt about the whole thing and ended up just deleting all that she posted but didn't delete the post itself?
Before she deleted everything:
Once she deleted everything and bitched out a few people:

I also find it funny that she says that she's been around for a while yet doesn't seem to have the common sense to put photos with her reviews / wait until she can do a full review with photos included.

EDIT: Looks like she updated the post with pictures, but no review. Will people ever learn?
25th-Feb-2011 12:13 pm - Ero is so not rori, gais.
This is my first post on here, so bear with me please. I hope this is okay, as it's not actually from lj, but some Deviantart wank, but it's been pretty dead around here, so I figured we needed something :P

So I was surfing around DA, and on the front page somebody had posted a decently cute style guide for lolita. VictorinaWinter, however, decides that Ero is not a style and that everybody should be lifestyle lolitas, because apparently it was a lifestyle before it became a fashion (?). Anyway, she was very 'I'm right and you're wrong.' And really stuck up about the whole thing. Also, bawing about how her tits are too big to fit into brand.

Here's a link to the wank:

And here's a link to the original picture:

It''s really long, so there's a lot to read, but this was one of my favorites

Practical judgment, a basic intelligence that allows for plain understanding and without it positive decisions or judgments can't be made, commonsense. I think we can agree that MANY if not all people need a set of rules to guide their behavior and decisions in a certain situation, so Code of conduct. And frankly, to most people its not common sense. I've seen a few lolita's on the bus that should follow the keeping your legs closed rule. Not everyone knows either that you should stand straight and not slouch. Nor curse while wearing it.

Real lolitas don't curse D< How dare you!

Update: Bah, comments were frozen :P I don't know if the OP froze all comments, or if Victorian Winter just blocked my comments on her, but it won't let me post anymore.
3rd-Feb-2011 04:28 pm(no subject)
come to the rori side of the force

Not really sure if this is gtfo worthy, but I'm pretty sure that the cupcake headphones are like $7 at Michael's...because I own a pair of them too :/

so apparently $7 new= $35 used?

21st-Jan-2011 09:52 pm - Birthing Barbies?
Not wanting to come of as a vendetta-chan or anything, but after getting pissed to the point that I about had fire shooting out my ears at a certain users grammar.. I decided to google the user name. What I found was well... interesting.

There hasn't been dramu in a while, so I figured I would share with you all.

Shiro Lolita Barbie Birthing, I WAS RAISED WITH JAPAN, priase mana, etc ahead...Collapse )
31st-Dec-2010 08:38 am - Happy New Years!
From sexi_panda to crystal_moon975 and all of the comm_sale fails in between, I must say, we've had quite an interesting year. In celebration of the new year, my insomniac self decided to make a drawing at 5:30 am in honor of some of our favorite tags.

Click for Originality and Pabst Blue Ribbon BeerCollapse )

Out of curiosity and to keep this post on topic to the community, I'd like to know what you thought was the biggest fail of the year...list them, rank them, whatever suits your fancy.

In the mean time, I wish everyone a happy and wank-free new year!
12th-Dec-2010 08:55 pm - U GAIZ! Bodyline is SO RORI!

EGL, once again someone's personal journal...

And now deleted. Caps for the interested provided by sillyputtie (Thanks alot!) :

Summary TIMEZ!

amacupcake decides to make a short post to the EGL community about how everyone is apparently calling Bodyline ITA. This is -100% FALSIES AND CANOT BEZ TRU CUZ HER AND HER BFF HAVE BEN 2 RORITA ROVRIES FUR AGEEEEEEEEEES NOW- and they shop at Bodyline. After a Mod suggestion that the post would be a bit more suited for her journal, she deletes the post and startes a NEW SPARKLY KAWAII one about EMILIE AUTUMN! Cuz she is so rori as well and all Lolitas love her to death. That one has since been deleted as well.
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