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23rd-Sep-2014 09:54 pm - Passive-Aggressive Noob
Shiro Loli

The moment I saw this post, I pretty much guessed riarosedoll was trying to paint herself as the victim after she broke a rule.

I was right!

Also , I liked how mau5chan said "I will not be engaging in any further argument with you on this matter"... and then continued the thread.

Damn, I hope I never run into any 'riarosedoll's in the comm I admin...

Smell that? It's the mouth watering smell of the new year's first, fresh, delicious drama.

Crazy Marie of ODiP came under a lot of fire over these past few months for being a shitty person to do business with. Now things have taken a turn for the worse. Without warning, Marie decides to close up shop and skedaddle, leaving paying customers wondering what's going on. She wasn't even the one to post the notice of the shop's closure.

According to anons on /cgl/, she has also returned all secondhand consignment goods to customers.

Is this enough to clock her in the head with the ban hammer, egl mods?
So, recently there has been some issues with seller behavior on EGL, with Marie of One Day in Paradise (more info here) and with Yunni (more info here). The general consensus among members seems to be that both of these sellers should be banned for their behavior and practices, yet the mods don't seem to want to do jack shit about it.

[caps] Exhibit A: milkteamilk doesn't seem to give a shit about what is going on in the community she moderates and apparently doesn't even know who Yunni is.

[caps] Exhibit B (1) & Exhibit B (2) amy_the_yu responds to a comment on BtB claiming that the buyer was also in the wrong (lol). Apparently when you threaten members with legal action and attempt to intimidate them into not requesting refunds, that only puts you in the "troublesome to deal with" category. Good to know. She then responds to a second comment and kind of loses her shit at the notion that the mods are giving members special/biased treatment. "GL sales obviously isn't perfect, but no one's forcing you to use it. Please feel free to go elsewhere. I promise I will give equally little shit about you being around or otherwise." Classy.

Exhibit C: The General Hyprocrisy of the mods in regards to their actions with Rosaire compared to their actions concerning Yunni & Marie.
The mods are defending their non-action by basically saying that it's not worth it to ban these two sellers because they're not active on EGL anymore. That's funny, because wonderfinch seemed to have a much different idea on what is grounds for a ban not too long ago. Her messages to Rosaire directly contradict the mods' claims that bans are not warranted because these sellers don't use EGL. For those who don't remember, caps here:

Cap 1
Cap 2
Cap 3

Basically, mods, Yunni and Marie need to be banned. You have set a precedent with your banning of Rosaire and you need to keep it consistent. No more of this pussyfooting around, or talking about how people are "practically banned", you need to ban these fucks. Yunni is an outright, proven scammer, and Marie abuses, intimidates and attempts to scam EGL members. They need to go.

Edit: So amy_the_yu has apparently decided to try to set the wheels in motion to have Yunni banned, but will only agree to ban Marie if people send her proof that she has been pulling her shit on egl_comm_sales. Which, as people in the comments are pointing out, is bullshit as they had no problem banning Rosaire, who was not conducting business on EGL, using /cgl/ heresay and gossip to justify it. (Thread here)
So, not sure if this is a GTFO EGL as opinions seemed to be split in two when it comes to who was in the wrong in the whole "Mr. Yan's Hitting on Venus" issue, but I found this kind of hillarious!

Mr. Yan apparently had the video removed! Wonder why..!?

EDIT: It got better! Bodyline is trying to "defend" themselves now, and they're throwing very low punches! See for yourselves!
17th-Dec-2013 03:56 pm - Crazy Marie (of ODiP) Strikes Again!
This time she threatened to sue an unhappy customer if they posted a negative review.

Oh, Marie. Never change~

The only thing I am surprised about at this point is how she's managed to keep her business afloat.

Here are caps in case the post disappears

Here's an archive instead!

And here is ODIP's Reservations page, zero info on a cancellation policy.

(Courtesy of tyrano_tiggs )
Salem with doughnuts
I know it's late, but can we talk about another secrets post getting taken down for "copyright infringement"? rumor has it it was One Day in Paradise. Anybody confirm/deny?

Since it's happened before and will probably happen again, can we in general talk about how copyright abusers are terrible people who deserve to be publicly shamed? this kind of hits home to me because of an ebay issue I've been dealing with recently. A lot of companies don't want their products sold on the secondhand market even though it's perfectly legal, so they get around that by filing copyright claims and claiming items are counterfeit when they're obviously not. These people got my account suspended for one week and then FOREVER and the only way to counteract the claim is to call their bluff and take some mega company to court. Which people actually do and they win because it's bogus but who has the time and money for that? not me. Bloggers are now doing this with snark blogs that legitimately criticize them as well.

So anyway this kind of shit really pisses me off, whether it's fucking with my business or just my god damn secrets. If you file a DMCA because you're butthurt someone doesn't like your attitude on your facebook page you're a shithead and I don't care if your business fails. Was it ever clear who got that other post taken down?

You can find the deleted secret on cgl, link is in the comments. I won't post it here for obvious reasons.
4th-Feb-2013 03:14 am - Barbie mad, Barbie smash
hugh, ew, laurie, House MD
So I don't know if anyone else is lurking on LSE tonight instead of watching the Superbowl and has spotted this little shitstorm that's been a-brewin'.

Caps hereCollapse )

As far as I can tell, Ms Barbie Johnson up there proceeded to poop her bloomers when she couldn't get the socks she wanted for a low enough price. Instead of just leaving this sale and buying from elsewhere like a normal person (she even claims to have found a "better" seller), Barbie spews her butthurt all over the post and tries to imply that this seller is scalping. Other confused shoppers weigh in on Barbie Johnson's batshittery, including some who claim to have dealt with her special brand of cray cray earlier in the week. While I can't find the other posts in question, she seems to operate by showing interest in an item then having a very public temper tantrum when she can't get it cheap.

What she is trying to accomplish by bawwwwww-ing all over the place like this, I do not know. Even an official mod warning does nothing but elicit cries of "racists!!1!one!".
The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

you waited for it...Collapse )

annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
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