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17th-Jan-2013 05:37 pm - First GTFO
As maintainer of the "M*lanoo Many Shops List", I've been helpin jessiekaterose ompile evidence for Milanoo being a scam on her "Milanoo is a SCAM" video, and I've taken evidence from her. As far as I know, we both HATE M*lanoo, and are knowledgeable on the matter.

Not so sure anymore.

Gurl, just stop. They're obviously trying to win you over. Your video I mentioned is the highest viewed anti-M*lanoo video on Youtube. Of course they want you to start saying good things about them. Not to mention those are mostly from Infanta and your ratings are way to high for the ones that supposedly weren't (were you using the clothing standards of a homeless person?).

Just... just... why?

I feel alone in this fight now.

EDIT: Then suddenly, PETA.

EDIT 2: jessiekaterose  is apparently  deleting/screening comments and lolitasaurus is whiteknighting.
The second half of this year is when things start to really pop off and go crazy, so without further adieu...

you waited for it...Collapse )

annnnnnnnd that's all folks. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I couldn't have done this without you guys. I hope everyone has a great new year and I hope next year brings lots more delicious wank!
1st-Nov-2012 09:53 am - rubicons_closet...AGAIN.
A few days ago I posted about rubicons_closet and her pushy harassment of a potential buyer
Now she's back with an actual sales post. The stuff is way overpriced, and there are a couple indie pieces that are questionable, but overall it's inoffensive. 

Until you get to the bottom. 
At which point she tries to sell these shoes. For $50. I'll let her description of them speak for itself: 

"Gently worn only a few times. The sole came off the first time and has been reglued.
It was originally black but the pleather flaked so it's now light gray.
Wear ONLY with black or dark gray socks.
The pleather is flaking inside so it will stain otherwise."

So, basically they're ragged and torn up to high heaven, the whole fucking sole came off but was glued back on so it couldn't possibly happen again to the other one or anything, and the pleather is flaking so much it would stain your socks. So either she lied and they're not "gently worn," or they really are gently worn but the quality is so terrible that they deteriorated that much only after a few wears. Technically they're not even lolita. I would think that even under the 75/25 rule, if the items that qualify as "25" are damaged to the point that they are unwearable, they wouldn't be allowed, right? 

Nope, they're under mod vote

Also, the other items she claims to be "brand-new" all have pervasive flaws.
"Brand new from a long discontinued indie brand
There are 2 small tears which can be easily fixed with tape or sealant
There is a small discoloration on one of the crosses"

Final note, she claims to be in Hawaii AND Japan. Huh??? (Edit: "Shipping from Japan." My mistake.) ((Edit again: But she talks about "US domestic shipping." Where the fuck is she???)
Still no caps because no personal computer. If someone could get caps I'll include them here!

21st-Jan-2011 09:52 pm - Birthing Barbies?
Not wanting to come of as a vendetta-chan or anything, but after getting pissed to the point that I about had fire shooting out my ears at a certain users grammar.. I decided to google the user name. What I found was well... interesting.

There hasn't been dramu in a while, so I figured I would share with you all.

Shiro Lolita Barbie Birthing, I WAS RAISED WITH JAPAN, priase mana, etc ahead...Collapse )


caps just in case

I'm not really sure what to say about this that wouldn't be completely rude... BUT.... What the crap?!

21st-Nov-2010 02:53 pm - Ehm, right....
candy cane cute lolita
Hai there, never posted here and was debating whether to GTFO or not to GTFO (okay I'm a bit lame, I know)  but I felt this deserved a post.

So happyrosebuds posts an account of her day at the Angelic Pretty store opening in a rather, ehm, creative manner? By the looks of it it's not a troll, but still her behavious in the comments too seems questionable at best.

This has gotten long enough to actually need a cut by now, click here for moreCollapse )

2nd-Sep-2010 09:44 am - Alright, this is getting ridiculous.
This is a GTFO for several reasons...

This all starts off with genny328 making this post asking people to check out her "kawaii" Etsy store. Well, obviously someone hasn't read the comm rules, but I usually one or two of these slide for a noob. Still, she posted this at around 7pm yesterday, and there have been several post since then, and yet no mods have seen this and taken it down. Where are the mods?

Well, most of the comments are typical for a post like this, with "hey, this isn't allowed", "where are the mods?", and "this is bad advertising" all thrown in.

Then tuesday72093 makes a not-rude-at-all post saying that she got a compact that OP is selling for $1 at Target, and informing OP that the only non-handmade/vintage stuff you could sell on Etsy are supplies. It's neither sugary-sweet nor raging hate. Short, simple and to the point. genny328 responds with "how dare you?", "this is how I feed my family", and "why you spread lies?" type comments. Pretty rage-y and over the top.

tuesday72093 pretty much says that she had just been making a comment and was trying to be helpful, how was her post nasty, and that when someone is doesn't follow rules, is rude, and don't delete a post when informed that it's against the rules it doesn't make her want to buy from said person.

genny328 replies with something along the lines that if it's against the rules "they" (as in the mods) can delete it. Sounds to me as though she's saying "Why should I do extra work and delete MY post when there are mods who can do the extra work for me?" tuesday72093 says this is stupid.

czol backs tuesday72093 up between the OP's first reply and tuesday72093 reply to the rage.

Now, I can vouch for tuesday72093 about that compact, since I saw it myself in the dollar bins at Target and decided to pass it up since I already have a HK compact and I don't need another one.

Caps in case of (hopeful) deletion:
1 2 3 4 The Compact

Edit for link to her Etsy here
N00b posts screenshot of a lolita from a TV episode, a few other n00bs squee about how cute it is despite the fact that it fell out of the ita tree & not only hit every branch on the way down, but fell off a cliff under the tree & hit a large number of rocks too. One person jokingly counts off the ita elements & a few people chime in with agreement. OP is "surprised the level of negative reaction". Bonus lulz with pet_chan taking whiteknighting to a new level of delusion with "I don't know anything about this girl, I just saw this photo - and I love her style! She is really original and creative, her makeup is very unusal but I love it." She's a TV character, dearie. I'm pretty sure that's not 'her' style. Her incredibly original & creative style which has never been done ever.

Ah, the learning curve of the snowflake!

Small, but people may have missed it seeing as the post is a pretty 'meh' one, & there's the delicious prospect of flounce.

EDIT: Aaaand, bahleetion! Caps here. They were taken a few minutes before deletion though, so lemme know if you have more up-to-date ones.

EDIT 2: nekusagi has fresher caps. I'll leave mine up though because there are a few unexpanded threads down the bottom in hers that I had open in mine. Between us I think we have all of it...

EDIT 3: For those who asked about a badge, a friend of mine made me a sticker, & I scanned it in:

Also we have some summer-themed macros in the thread.
she's now organising the London Expo lolita event AGAIN. Please, if you know someone who is going to take part in this, please warn them! People need to start boycotting this so that the organisers of the Expo realise she is the worst person to talk to.
This is a big fat GTFO to Raine AKA yami_no_ryuzaki AKA lilyxrose AKA funkyfunkyusopp.

In the past 6 months usopp has been really ingratiating herself into the UK/London loli scene again. Although a few of the girls who she met recently were aware of her history through reading it on here, we all decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, hoping that she had changed or maybe she'd had bad experience with one or two girls.
This is a warning to girls who may meet Raine now she has pushed away the majority of this set of loli friends she had here. Don't push away any doubts you have in the back of your mind, if something seems a bit off trust your instincts and do not trust her!
sodfsodf DRAMACollapse )
I know this seems like a little too late for us, but i am hoping that other girls can listen to it like we didn't. :( PLEASE read all the funkyfunkyusopp entries in getoffegl before becoming friends with her. She won't ever change her ways. She will always be this socially difficult. Save yourself the bother!

Mosey + Silver
(and a few other girls)

(I was about to post this when i saw the getoffegl entry that came just before this one. Still posting it! Can we add a yami_no_ryuzaki tag? And if someone would tag this that would be great, as I apparently cannot.)
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