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5th-May-2014 04:01 pm - Voldie = /cgl/'s worst troll?
Over the last few weeks I've noticed a pattern on /cgl/. There's a certain.. "troll," if you can call it that, whose general MO is to pop into a thread and start bitching about something asinine. Once it was scalpers, another time it was how people with long dyed hair including Violet LeBeaux are all lying about secretly having extensions (lolwut), occasionally it's just calling people fat and ugly and then arguing about it forever. The threads usually devolve into shitfests, and occasionally get deleted. "But wait," you ask. "Isn't that just like most threads on /cgl/?"
Don't worry, my frilly friend, it gets better. When people call out the stupid opinion, rather than baiting more, like other, more successful trolls, the troll starts yelling and screaming about basically nothing, while accusing everyone else (usually anons who are calmly explaining why their opinion makes no sense) of being angry and buttfrustrated. They tend to use the same really colorful expressions. And their last post almost always ends with this emoticon: :^)

Here are some examples of their work, if you can call it that:
Here's the infamous Tracy Hines thread. She starts off accusing Traci of wearing a wig, which is viewed as plausible, but quickly goes full retard when she accuses many popular and well known vloggers like Violet LeBeaux of secretly having hair extensions and lying about it for years and years, for some unknown reason. Fun starts here: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S7471386#p7473329
Here's where their ass gets called out: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S7471386#p7473536
They continue to vendetta-chan into another thread: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S7471692#p7473923
In a thread complaining about scalpers: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/7449684
I don't even know what they are arguing about here but it's definitely the same person: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S7443010
Generally being a helpful and contributing member of the /cgl/ community: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S7511122#p7513222

The last few are short and sweet, for those of you with low attention spans. I know I've seen them in other threads, but don't remember which threads and my search for them failed. Now that you know, you've probably noticed them, too.

There's a pretty clear pattern here: complain about something random and idiotic and generally make irrational deductions. Call everyone who disagrees "butt blistered" or some variation thereof. Flounce with your calling card while high on your victory of making everyone mad, even though you were the one ranting and name-calling the whole thread. They also use the classic tactic of "everyone who replies to me is way too emotionally invested in this subject, even if they only reply once and I've been shit posting and arguing for over an hour" a lot, as well as accusing multiple posters of samefagging, and other crappy troll tactics they recycle. I suppose if the end goal is just to get threads deleted, it works, but on basically every other level they're a failure at anything resembling trolling, or winning, or whatever it is they think they're doing. They rarely deny it when called out for being the same troll as well.

I'm not the only one who has noticed this, in fact once I pointed out, other people realized it and brought up more instances of their asshattery. They're commonly called autism-chan or :^)-chan or nose-chan because of the emoticon they always use. For PC and typing's sake I'll go with nose-chan.

Now, I've been using the internet for a long time, and this emoticon use really stuck out to me. It's not a common emoticon. In fact, I could probably count on one hand how many times I've seen people use it before this troll appeared, probably because it looks incredibly stupid. They use it both sparingly yet specifically; it goes along with their final statement and generally seems meant to tease/enrage.

So imagine my surprise when I was browsing btb and saw, under the voldie secret, this:

Searching the archives for Voldie's trip, I found more uses.

^Here's her taunting people who chastised her for wanting a Milky Planet replica. Eyebrows is Voldie (same tripcode)
Taunting again

Is it a little much to link 2 people based on one emoticon? I don't think so. Because of the infrequency the emoticon is generally used on the internet, versus the frequency of how these two use it and how it's used, I think it is likely. But I suspect people more familiar with Voldie will be able to tell if it's her or not based on other things the nose-troll has written and stated, if any of those were even true. I know a few times it's contradicted itself already. A lot of the language used is similar, and she has something of a reputation for starting drama and getting threads deleted. Sound familiar?

So is it Voldie, a troll pretending to be Voldie, or something else?
9th-Apr-2014 06:04 pm - More Living Dolls on TV

Apparently Dolldelight is doing another living doll segment on an Asian-American TV show.

Dolldelight post(here)
Other person featured post (here)
And the official trailer (here)

Now all lolitas are living dolls, with yellow fever, and racist against dark skinned people.
I just don't even know what to say.

19th-Feb-2014 03:55 pm(no subject)
I know she's like a broken record but we haven't had a post here in over two weeks. ___ifwinterends on Bodyline and for some reason Taobao?

I like how her main point is that Bodyline isn't lolita because they sell costumes. There's a costume shop near me that also sells dance leotards, shoes and dancewear. But I guess it's not real dancewear because the shop primarily sells costumes, its obviously fake dancewear for people cosplaying dancers. Bodyline is probably above normal mall standards, it looks and holds up just fine. I always figured the "quality" aspect of lolita didn't mean you literally needed to adhere to couture standards for all garments all the time, but was more intended to just weed out cosplayers and noobs making dresses out of satin and unfinished seams and emphasize this is real clothing, meant to stand up to normal use and look nice. Am I wrong? Either way, I think we can all agree that she's definitely wrong, and that's what's really important.

Also is it just me or is her anti-Taobao rant a new spin on her pro-burando rhetoric? I've been wondering for awhile while anti-taobao is considered a ~lolitist~ sentiment cause I've never really seen anyone complain about it, and even some of the more hardcore brandwhores I've known don't have much against it. It's a good thing ___ifwinterends is here to tell us all that Infanta falls apart at the seams. It's not like there are hundreds of reviews of Infanta on egl or anything. She saw that one dress in person one time, so she KNOWS it's bad.
29th-Jan-2014 04:07 am - Pastelmomma needs to calm down.
All of these are in the span of a week.

She starts off posting her "wardrobe" which is really just an opportunity to post a large uncut image of babby's first Bodyline dress (with bonus amusing noobery in the comments).

Second post is about how she's *~sew punk rawk but nothing too dumb.

Third is an easily answered noob question but still people answer it. EGL should just make a collective decision to ignore posts like these, I think, or just leave a link to where the answer can be found. Or, y'know, Google. She also misses LJ 101 and I try to nudge her in the right direction.

And another super easily Google-able question about Dream of Lolita. Winter shows up and starts talking out of her ass about mostly unrelated things. Pastelmomma also continues to disregard the LJ commenting system despite my nudges.

Also farts are so lolita because I'm just one of the guys.((this is now friendslocked/deleted and since it was her personal journal I won't cap it but it was basically "lolitas are all sweet and mild mannered but not me! I burp and fart and swear!"

Edit: She found us. What better way to put your insecurity on display than "ahahahaaa haterzz soooo funny!"
24th-Jan-2014 07:53 pm - BECAUSE DOOMSDAY IS SO LOLI~~~~~~~~
I don't know if anyone else was around earlier today when I checked the main EGL comm on my phone and saw this spam post:

It's doomsday, doomsday, gonna get down on doomsdayCollapse )

I didn't get the whole post in the screenshot before it was deleted (that happened PDQ,) EDIT: there's a screenshot from the comm in the comments! The poster also mentioned that there was going to be a volcanic eruption at Yellowstone and linked to their Wordpress blog.

Apparently it's the same account but with a little 2 added that spammed us with this prediction of who the Antichrist was. Also: His skills in prediction are just as awesome as MilaNOPE's quality control, since 2013 passed with none of them coming true.
21st-Jan-2014 01:15 pm - Crazy Marie banned?
4th edit: She's back! Link to FB announcement.

As I said on cgl, FFS Marie, I was hoping you'd go forever and we'd never have to deal with your crazy self again. I bet the mods unban her (hopefully after she sorts everyone out), though they have promised her behaviour won't be tolerated. We'll wait and see, I guess.

Of course, people on cgl are speculating on whether she's telling the truth. It is rather coincidental that she suddenly appears right after the ban. Whilst we can speculate, I don't feel it's our place to decide whether she is telling the truth or not. For me personally, it doesn't matter. I would still like to her remain banned for reasons I mention below.

And Marie, why the fuck didn't you tell the whole truth in the first place? Someone was able to announce the hiatus on FB, why not tell people you were going onto hiatus for medical reasons? It'd have looked a lot less fishy, and people would have been more understanding.

3rd edit: Not even the US branch of ODIP knows what's going on. Apparently Marie feels that even her own staff don't deserve to know why their boss has gone AWOL, leaving them to deal with any fallout. Not informing her own staff of all people demonstrates just how little Marie actually cares.

2nd edit: Crazy Marie's earned herself a temp ban and some lovely red text on her feedback page.

[Mod quote and my thoughts under spoiler as this is getting long]Mod quote:

In light of the fact that her physical storefront and online shop have recently closed with no notice to customers, please be aware that mariko_senpai (aka "Marie" or "One Day in Paradise") is currently banned from the sales community due to her failure to return consigned items, refund pre-order payments, and ship outstanding orders.

My thoughts: The mods have done the right thing in banning her. People's money and items are currently in limbo, with nothing more to go on then the initial vague announcement on FB. There have been unsupported rumours of Marie becoming ill or hospitalised, but let's just think about that for a second. Are we to believe that there isn't anyone who could let people know of the situation, if that was the case? Marie doing a runner seems more likely. Not even those close to Marie appear to know what is going on. Customers, designers and suppliers alike have been left totally in the dark.

I hope for the sake of the people involved that Marie or someone else steps up and addresses the issue. Should this happen however, I do not believe this incident should simply be forgotten, and her ban lifted. This behaviour is appalling, and a business who feels they can simply drop everything on a whim and leave people fucked over is not one that should be tolerated.

[Original post under cut as it's irrelevant now]Original post:

Edit: oh_tralala has shed some light onto the situation here. On the 19th, the mods voted to add the ban tag, and are working on a write up as to why. No word yet as to what type of ban, or why, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you've been stalking the scammer thread on cgl lately, you might have heard of this interesting development concerning ODIP/mariko_senpai aka crazy Marie. Have a look at her egl feedback, and you'll notice that the banned tag has been added to her page. The red text warning that is normally also added for banned users hasn't been added though, and as of making this post, there hasn't been a mod announcement concerning the ban.

This follows a recent wave of backlash against ODIP, including a call for her to be banned (which the mods pretty much declined), and most recently her sudden and unexplained disappearance.

So gtfo, your thoughts on this development? Questions I have are:

Did the mods listen the comm call out, or does this concern her disappearance?

Is she definitely banned?

Why no mod announcement/red warning text? The owner of ODIP getting banned from the largest English sales comm would be a pretty big deal. This isn't some random unknown user we're talking about.

This was quick write up (and my first) made to draw attention to the development, so please let me know of other things I should mention/could improve on.

OT Edit: Fuck it, it's not ODIP related but Yunni's been hot news lately, so incase you missed it caps were posted on cgl and tumblr documenting some more cases of Yunni fucking people over. I thought it'd be an interesting read, if you haven't already.
Looks like Mr. Yan found himself a new dolly to play with. This time, her name is Amanda and she's from the US. You'd think after all the shit with BL, she'd be smart enough to not enter... She even mentions on her intro on the BL site that she saw Venus' creepy video, but decided to enter anyways. It also makes her sound like a huge fucking weeaboo.

Are you guys ready for this new model?

Also lol at Mr. Yan saying that all Americans are rude assholes.
11th-Jan-2014 08:56 am - Passing snark
Typical noob with obnoxious typing style posts to EGL each time she updates her *~blog~*
but wait, her blog's URL?

http://asianwannabegirl.blogspot.se (she even has a blog entry about being a Wannabe Asian)

Not to mention that her so-called TONS OF RESEARCH (reminiscent of "YEARS AND YEARS!") led to an insulting portrayal of goth subculture, which was called out here.

I never can trust people who post with their Facebook accounts...logically I know it's selective bias, but I feel like that prejudice is constantly being validated, haha.

Smell that? It's the mouth watering smell of the new year's first, fresh, delicious drama.

Crazy Marie of ODiP came under a lot of fire over these past few months for being a shitty person to do business with. Now things have taken a turn for the worse. Without warning, Marie decides to close up shop and skedaddle, leaving paying customers wondering what's going on. She wasn't even the one to post the notice of the shop's closure.


According to anons on /cgl/, she has also returned all secondhand consignment goods to customers.

Is this enough to clock her in the head with the ban hammer, egl mods?
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