Shin (shincaru) wrote in getoffegl,

Um ... didn't you steal that shit?

Hey guys, remember that old post where someone said Charlottcharm stole their rare Iron Gate series MMM choker?

Guess what, after lying low for 2 years, Charlotte is selling that same stolen choker in the MMM comm right now.


For context:

- Iron Gate series items came out in 2006, and is, uh, IRON GATE so you can figure out how rare/old those items are
- theft happened in 2010
- in the original GTFO post (also from 2010), Charlotte apparently claimed that she picked the choker up from AX ... which is pretty unlikely

IDK guys, is this kind of thing reportable to the comm_sales mods?
Tags: name: charlottecharm, shady seller, what a bitch
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